Predictive Analytics in Marketing: staring into a crystal ball …?

May 11, 2015 General information

... or: Why my retailer knows that my daughter is pregnant ...? In the HSLU Blog you will find the whole interview by Jasmina Causevic and Robert Schumacher. Blog:

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Is classical television advertising an obsolete model?

April 30, 2015 General information

How it all started ... As a kid, I grew up like many of my age: Saturday night was TV evening! Big shows like "Der grosse Preis", "Candid Camera" and many more were flickering on the screen. Not that I…

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Presentation of Swiss Online Marketing

April 12, 2015 General information

"Big data will become the central challenge for marketing in the coming years," Marcel Altherr is quoted in the online news of Marketing & Communications. At the Swiss Online Marketing, he will speak about "Big Data @ Marketing: Recognize Opportunities,…

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Know what has happened

March 31, 2015 Analytics, Marketing

"Are your marketers still reading from the coffee grounds?" This is how Computworld teasers its edition no. 5 on the website. Read the article:  Big Data im Marketingcontrolling_CW5

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Presentation at the SAS forum

March 22, 2015 Analytics, Events

On May 12, 2015, the SAS Switzerland Forum will take place in Zurich. As part of a speech, the Suva case is presented, which was created in the context of the master's thesis by Esther Cahn. This is regarded as…

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Would you start without orientation if you want to reach the goal in an efficient way?

Big Data helps with orientation and finding the right path - like a map  in a foreign city. This applies to many business divisions and it also applies to campaigns. In the mass media reporting process of campaigns, the possibilities…

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