Is classical television advertising an obsolete model?

April 30, 2015 General information

How it all started …

As a kid, I grew up like many of my age: Saturday night was TV evening! Big shows like “Der grosse Preis”, “Candid Camera” and many more were flickering on the screen. Not that I was fascinated by the Saturday night program – it was just like that.

Now the big revolution: “Wetten, dass…” was discontinued last year after more than three decades. Yes, Mr. Lanz has also contributed to it. But what is finally explicitly mentioned and visible with this decision, is the shift in media consumption: For many years, the inaccuracy of the Internet TV consumers is simply negated in the TV reach measurement and dismissed under “blurring”. However, this has not detracted from lamenting the decline in viewership numbers.

And now this: It is publicly stated that these “Saturday evening shows” no longer corresponds to the habits of the German-speaking family: What a surprise, but ok, this is finally explicitly stated: For too long online managers had to justify their contribution actually contribute directly to the company result. Now they are on the updraft.

Budget shift from Above The Line (ATL) to Below The Line (BTL)

Maybe this is finally the chance and the moment to dive deeper into marketing budget shifts within companies – in favor of online or below-the-line marketing initiatives. Relevant and individualized. Targeted and in real-time. And so much more effective than just “above-the-line” marketing. Above all, much more effective if implemented with an integrated approach and measured as such. Because I think classical television advertising is per se dead but it must and will change. For example, the second screen will become more important. At the moment promising concepts are being developed in this direction, in which we can already get a first insight, which we will soon deepen in workshops. In due time we will report about it.

Anyone who ever wants to get a foretaste on the subject of integrated campaign controlling, should listen to the upcoming SAS Forum on May 12 at the Marriott Hotel in Zurich, the presentation by Esther Cahn.