Co-founder and driving force Esther Cahn spent many years working in media planning. She had the good fortune to learn her trade at an agency that attaches huge importance to quality media planning. But unfortunately it was never possible to really measure whether this really made a difference to advertising impact, especially for offline media and/or offline conversions.

Thanks to a brilliant idea about how to change that, a successful proof of concept in Esther Cahn’s master’s thesis, an Innosuisse project involving Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, the support of the Association of Swiss Advertisers SWA and some of Switzerland’s major advertisers, a problem was turned into a product: SIGNIFKANT.ONE

An interdisciplinary team of specialists from various disciplines channels a wealth of expertise and passion into steadily developing SIGNFIKANT.ONE to give advertisers a tool that delivers that long-desired transparency and the ability to measure independently how successful their own campaigns are.

Esther Cahn

Co-Founder / CEO

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Simon Göldi

COO / Partner

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Peter Roth


Vanessa Klaas (PhD)

Head of Data Sience

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Núria Duran Adroher (Phd)

Data Scientist

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Laura Ziembrowski

Head of Media Data & Development

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Sarah Waldmeier-Dürst

Key Account Manager

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Carmelo Iantosca

CDAO / Co-Founder

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Robert Schuhmacher

Advisor / Co-Founder

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