Workshop for Big Data campaign controlling

    • Participants: Project managers, division managers, team leaders in marketing, sales, CRM, e-commerce and campaign mangement
    • Duration: half day workshop
    • Topic: The controlling process in direct marketing campaigns has meanwhile become established, as well as in e-commerce. The integrated measurement of campaigns that include above the line (mass media) as well as below the line activities, however, seems to be a big challenge for many companies.
    • Main topics / content: In this workshop you will learn which tools, skills and methods you need to be able to analyze your integrated campaigns, so that you can orchestrate them in the best possible way across all customer touchpoints regarding effectiveness:
      How can such campaigns be optimized due to integrated measurability?
      What do companies need for to solve this problem?
      What are the benefits of big data initiatives?
      Which factors are relevant for the success of such projects?
    • Methodology: Keynote speech or interactive workshop. The participants are interactively involved and receive corresponding documents.
    • Benefit / take away: Participants will know what tools, skills and methods are needed to implement campaign controlling in an integrated perspective.
    • Related offers: An in-depth “Boot Camp for Big Data Campaign Controlling” offer shows how to concretely get started with this topic.

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