Big Data briefing for executives

  • Participants: Marketing, sales, CRM, e-commerce, campaign management executives
  • Duration: key note speech (90 mins)
  • Topic: Everybody talks about Big Data. The digital transformation and the vast changes in consumer behavior and technology, but also within companies, require know-how in dealing with the digital transformation.
  • Main topics / content:
    What is digital transformation?
    Why is it important?
    What role does it play?
    How do I approach this?
    What’s the advantage – how much does it cost?
  • Methodology: Participants are interactively involved and receive corresponding documents.
  • Benefit / take away: Participants have an overview of this topic, they know how to classify it, understand the benefits (also on the basis of best practice cases), can evaluate the relevance for their own company and see entry-level options to approach this topic.
  • Related offers: An in-depth “Big Data Campaign Controlling Workshop” offer can be subsequently booked for those interested in learning more about how to handle big data in more detail.

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