RCC – Required Contacts per Conversion

Based on our solution advertisers can now for the very first time ever precisely determine the impact of their advertising campaign. To make this possible, we created a single currency: the RCC.

The RCC (Required Contacts per Conversion) indicates the amount of contacts needed to generate a specific conversion across on- and offline channels. This way not a single Dollar gets waisted and advertisers are now able to invest their media spending in the most efficient channel.

Your company has run an advertising campaign to promote your new Ice Tea soft drink sold in supermarket chains. You’ve included TV, Out of Home and Social Media in your media mix. Highly sophisticated algorithms are now able to correlate reach (contacts) and conversion. After your RCCs have been calculated, the following results will be displayed:

RCC TV: 15’000
RCC OOH: 3’800
RCC Social Media: 14’950

In this case, Out of Home was your best performing channel. The reason for this is, you’ve only needed 3’800 contacts to generate a conversion (one Ice Tea purchase), whereas TV needed 15’000 contacts to generate a conversion.

A low RCC indicates an efficient channel performance.