Campaigning. Data. Value. deploys modern technologies to make campaigns more efficient. We are acknowledged specialists in campaigning and using data - from small through to big data. We can help you to make your campaigns across all channels more measurable, making them more controllable and more efficient. And that means we’ll be helping you to extract more out of each advertising Dollar you spend. can also offer marketing support as required, from conceptualising and planning a campaign through to measuring its success and optimising it. Together with our partners, we can also offer audits of all substeps.

Working in partnership with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts and with the support of various advertising clients and the SWA-ASA Association of Swiss Advertisers is launching a research project to develop a “campaign mixing console” with the aim of deploying near-real-time monitoring and control to optimise the performance of marketing campaigns running across different channels and to determine the optimum communications mix.

We also advise on all aspects of digitalisation, big data and media planning. We help companies to help themselves and, together with our partners, support businesses that want to optimise their campaigns using state-of-the-art analytical methods to boost their impact.

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